Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cheap Cell Phone - trac phone - $ 9 a month

For some a $84 a month cell phone bill for 2 phones is a bargain for all that you use them and $18 of that monthly bill being taxes does not really matter. I rarely use mine as I leave the property for one or 2 days a week and the phone does not really work here on the timber farm. So for me a cell phone is a big waste of money. I have had friends who have Trac Phones but when I looked into it last time a year or so ago, it did not seem to be all that great a deal.

Well they have changed in a big way.

# 1 Now your minutes do not expire, they roll over to the next period as long as you buy new minutes to keep your phone active. So you have buy minutes to keep your phone active. I plan on buying a One Year Card so I just have to buy each year....... or if I run out of minutes, then I will buy more for that year. The phone is active for the whole year.

# 2 Right now they have a special on certain phones. When you buy minutes for these phones, you automatically get double the minutes.

Here is a good article about Trac Phones.


The coverage seems to be really good. I mainly use cell phone time to call back Home, call a business or call Google 411 to get the number for a business [toll free directory assistance]. So I do not really need that many minutes.


This is the phone that will get Double minutes for life every time you buy air time. It costs $29 it has a phone, bluetooth, camera, etc. Seems decent. Works well so far. Not as rugudly built as a $ 500 blackberry or something.

I found WalMart as a good source for Trac Phones. There are for sale at Target and other stores as well. Janai found Sherry in Electronics at Wal-Mart in Eugene. She was SUPER helpful. We bought 2 phones there and cards for airtime minutes. Sherry has activated phones before and it took her over a half an hour to get the 2 phones up and running - thank heavens it was not me..........

Sherry - in Electronics
Wal-Mart Store #2538
1040 Green Acres Road
Eugene, OR 97408
(541) 343-6977

You can buy the phones and cards at walmart.com

I bought the card above. My phone is now active for 1 year. I got 800 minutes. There is another card next to it for 1600 minutes and only costs $ 40 more.... I should have gotten that one as it is a better deal.

Janai got 2 of these cards. Her phone is active for 6 months now.

You can buy more cards in various stores or do it online or I think via phone. If you goof around talking on the phone all the time and want to send/receive photos, it may not be a good deal.

So if you want a cell phone for safety and security but do not want to pay the horrific monthly fees and taxes, I highly recommend these phones. Well that and the fact that there are no pay phones any where any more.

So for us it is a HUGE savings.


Anonymous said...

thank you for this information. I only use 100 to 120 minutes a month and am sick of paying a big price.

Don said...

Thank you for sharing your experience with the trac phone. Many of us that just want them for security reasons have been looking for a decent deal.
I spend a lot of time in the woods up and down the Oregon Coast, I wonder how to find out whether I would get a signal in the areas I travel.

The Long, Hard Dirt Road said...

Well the Trac phone works okay.

If signal and phone service is critical I recommend looking at Verizon. They just bought out Alltel. It is a huge network of towers and I used to get signals all over the place. Min service is 50 min a month and about $ 30.... ouch.
With a second phone and 500 min. you are up to $87 a month.